Carpet Repair

 Types of Carpet Repairs :

•  Repair open seams in doorways,
    halls, and walk areas.

•  Re-stretch loose carpet
    (ripples, waves, buckles) from
    improper installation, normal
   wear-and-tear or high traffic.
   This will extend the life of your carpet
   because loose carpet wears
   Use a Power Stretcher to ensure
   the best procedure to fix loose
   carpets. Re-stretch carpet up to
   tile and entry way as needed. 

•  Patch damaged areas of carpet - from burns, tears, permanent stains,
   bleach spots, pets,etc. - without having to replace the entire carpet. I do this
   by replacing just the damaged section with a piece of carpet from a remnant
   or piece of carpet from an inconspicuous area like a closet.

   Stretch and repair your carpet first. You can stretch your Carpet and prolong the life
   of the Carpet while saving hundreds of  dollars on replacing it !!!


With carpet repairs, the quality of the workmanship is immediately observable. But for your peace of mind, we guarantee all our carpet repairs for 30 days. Just call and we will come out and correct anything you are not completely happy with. Your happiness is our future!

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